Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Pallet Review

Urban Decay came out with this pallet awhile ago, and I've had it since they first hit stores. Unfortunately I haven't been able to really do a review on it until now.
For Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary they came out with their anniversary pallet. I haven't bought anything from Urban Decay in a long time, aside from some Primer Potion because they have a tendency to use duplicate colors in their pallets. There were several pallets I wanted, but because they used repeat colors, I opted out of buying them. This pallet has 15 brand new colors and one color in particular that shares my namesake. Knowing that made me want to snag the pallet just for that one color. LOL.
They ended up selling out on their website almost immediately, but I read on Temptalia's website that they were selling it on so I made my way over there and bought one for myself before it could go out of stock. I waited about a week to get it and when I did... It was like Christmas!
The pallet comes encased in a purple velvet box whereas the actual pallet itself is plastic with a metallic finish. I really like the jewel embellishments on the face of the pallet. The material used for the cover picks up fingerprints like crazy though, so my OCD kicks in and I'm constantly wiping it to remove smudgy fingerprints. LOL.

When you open the pallet, the colors are displayed in all their glory and looking at them seriously made me want to squeal with happiness... actually, I think I DID squeal.
I swatched some of their colors on my skin over Urban Decay Primer Potion and *OMG* they are SUPER pigmented! The several looks I have done with this pallet, every time I dipped my brush in and applied the shadow on my eye, I was always surprised with how much pigment was deposited on my eyelids.

The colors swatched (clockwise) are:
~ Midnight 15
~ Junkshow
~ Deep End
~ Half Truth
~ Black Out
~ Omen
~ Chase (yay for my namesake!!!)

The pallet retails for $55 dollars and because times have gotten a little rough, it wasn't a buy that I would normally make. But considering there were 15 brand new shadows, with the addition of tax, I was only paying about $4 per shadow. I felt like this was a good deal since Urban Decay shadows usually retail for almost $17 separately.
This is a really great product and ILOVEIT so much! I've always been a fan of Urban Decay and so for them to come out with something new was nothing short of exciting to me. LOL
Hope you enjoyed this review.
*pictures are mine. please do not steal*

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