Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hot Topic's "War Paint Cosmetics" Lip Gloss Review

So, I was in Hot Topic one day with a friend and I came upon their cosmetics section and I saw that they were selling a brand called "Warpaint". They have a variety of different things from eye kohl and eye shadow, lip liners, eye liners, lip glosses, dry shampoos, nail polishes, etc. They have many different colors as well and I was tempted to buy a whole bunch of stuff just to have, but I held myself back. It was hard to do, mind you. LOL.
I ended up buying two lip glosses for $5 each, but they were having a BoGo deal so I ended up spending about $8 with tax. The two colors I chose were: "Brightest Pink", which I'm sure the name can speak for itself, and "Grimace", which is an electric purple.

I did like their packaging and when I pulled off the twist cap, I saw that the lip gloss could be expelled by squeezing the lip gloss tube which would push the gloss out of tiny holes attached to the lip gloss tube. So far so good.
I swatched them on my hand just to see how opaque the lip glosses were and found that the pink showed up pretty well on my skin tone but I had to apply a substantial amount to get the opacity I was hoping for. The purple didn't show up as well as the pink and it looked more like a light sheen of purple color. They were also really thick and sticky and I'm not a big fan of thick and sticky when it comes to my lip gloss.

I tried them out on my lips and found that for them to show, I'd have to apply really thick layers of gloss on my lips, which meant lots of thick and sticky goop sitting on my mouth and once again, I'm not a big fan of thick and sticky.
So over all I would say this product is so-so. For the price of $5 a tube, I can't say it was worth it. This product seemed more like something I'd buy at Claire's for my 10 year old daughter to play with. Maybe I will wear them if I just want a light sheen of color, but I don't see myself buying any more of their lip glosses in the near future.

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