Wednesday, November 2, 2011 Contact Lens Review

I decided to write a review on some contact lenses I purchased from an online website called
I was looking for some contact lenses that would be a part of my Halloween costume and I decided to purchase "Zombie" lenses. (I have a thing for all things Zombie.) I took to Google and found's website and decided to give it a look.
The site was easy to navigate. They have their menu toolbar set up on the left hand side and you can see their vast array of items to purchase from contact lenses to body jewelry. I went to their tab marked "Halloween Contact Lenses" and it immediately brought me to their selection of lenses . After looking at several different contacts, I decided to purchase the "Zombie" lenses, which were $27.88 with free shipping for items over $15.50. is based out of the UK so it would take 6-12 days for me to receive my purchase. And because I live in the US, the company does not provide tracking with my item. Upon ordering, I was immediately emailed an order confirmation of my purchase, and the next day I received an email stating that my purchase had been shipped. All that was left was to play the waiting game.
I received my purchase on October 26 in a brown envelope with the bubble wrap padding inside. Inside the envelope was my contact lenses, separated into two different vials, instructions, and and a contact lens case to hold them in after use. The box they came in was wrapped up in my invoice and also included a catalog of their other contact lenses which makes for fun browsing and possible shopping for a later date.

I decided to try them on the night before I was to dress up for Halloween to see how they would feel and get adjusted to them. The vials they came in were sealed with a very strong metal band that was almost difficult to remove. While annoying, I truly appreciate the fact that it is there because it lets me know that my lenses are sterile and have not been touched until I actually opened the vials.
When I tried them on, they were very soft and comfortable. The white also showed up with lots of opacity against my dark brown eyes and so I was very pleased with that. They immediately gave me the "creepy" factor I was looking for.
I ended up wearing them for almost 12 hours at work, which I do not suggest, but my eyes were comfortable up until the last hour of work which was when I took them out and put them in the contact lens case.
Here is my look for the day:

Overall, I can say that I am very please with my purchase and would definitely consider purchasing from them again. I can't complain about the fact that they're based in the UK and the two week wait because I was very please with the quality of their products.
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!!
*all images are my mine. please do not steal*

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  1. did I ever tell you that these freak me out ? LOL I swear they're just so out there but you certainly rocked them for sure, the red shadow made them stand out even more I think. needless to say you looked gorgeous <3