Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Pallet Review

Urban Decay came out with this pallet awhile ago, and I've had it since they first hit stores. Unfortunately I haven't been able to really do a review on it until now.
For Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary they came out with their anniversary pallet. I haven't bought anything from Urban Decay in a long time, aside from some Primer Potion because they have a tendency to use duplicate colors in their pallets. There were several pallets I wanted, but because they used repeat colors, I opted out of buying them. This pallet has 15 brand new colors and one color in particular that shares my namesake. Knowing that made me want to snag the pallet just for that one color. LOL.
They ended up selling out on their website almost immediately, but I read on Temptalia's website that they were selling it on so I made my way over there and bought one for myself before it could go out of stock. I waited about a week to get it and when I did... It was like Christmas!
The pallet comes encased in a purple velvet box whereas the actual pallet itself is plastic with a metallic finish. I really like the jewel embellishments on the face of the pallet. The material used for the cover picks up fingerprints like crazy though, so my OCD kicks in and I'm constantly wiping it to remove smudgy fingerprints. LOL.

When you open the pallet, the colors are displayed in all their glory and looking at them seriously made me want to squeal with happiness... actually, I think I DID squeal.
I swatched some of their colors on my skin over Urban Decay Primer Potion and *OMG* they are SUPER pigmented! The several looks I have done with this pallet, every time I dipped my brush in and applied the shadow on my eye, I was always surprised with how much pigment was deposited on my eyelids.

The colors swatched (clockwise) are:
~ Midnight 15
~ Junkshow
~ Deep End
~ Half Truth
~ Black Out
~ Omen
~ Chase (yay for my namesake!!!)

The pallet retails for $55 dollars and because times have gotten a little rough, it wasn't a buy that I would normally make. But considering there were 15 brand new shadows, with the addition of tax, I was only paying about $4 per shadow. I felt like this was a good deal since Urban Decay shadows usually retail for almost $17 separately.
This is a really great product and ILOVEIT so much! I've always been a fan of Urban Decay and so for them to come out with something new was nothing short of exciting to me. LOL
Hope you enjoyed this review.
*pictures are mine. please do not steal*

Saturday, November 12, 2011

LOTD: Winter Snow Princess

Here is what boredom does to you when you have free time, tons of makeup and crazy contacts. 
*FYI, this is a creative look. Not something I would normally wear out into public. Sometimes I like to get a little expressive with my makeup. After all, isn't that what it's there for? ;-)*
I wanted to try out the new pallets I bought from my Walgreens Haul and I wanted to do a look in honor of me being a Winter baby.
I used my "Winter" pallet (as I like to call it) for my eyeshadow and my NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Milk" to line my lower and upper lash line. I also used my Jumbo pencil to "color" my eyelashes since I didn't have colored mascara and then used an eyeshadow brush and a icy turquoise blue to set my lashes. The icy blue eyeliner is MAC's Fluidline in "Delphine" and I used a glitter eyeliner from Urban Decay (I forgot the name).
I think I will try this look again but with more "stuff" to create that iced out Princess look.

Profusion Beauty Gift Set Review

So this is my review on the Profusion Beauty Gift Set I got from Walgreens a couple days ago. Due to the holiday season, there are a lot of deals going on so I bought this set for $14.99. It came with:

~6 nail polishes
~5 lipsticks
~4 eyeshadow pallets
~4 color corrector/concealers
~4 lip sugars
~2 lip glosses
~2 lip liners
~2 eye liners
~2 blushes
~2 face powders
~a variety of sponge applicators and brush applicators
Not a bad haul for $14.99. This is going to be a pretty long review, so I've only taken pictures and swatched items I'm more likely to use.
So here we go....
The Eyeshadow Pallets

So there were four that came in this gift set. Since the pallets had varying colors but specific themes in them, I'm going to refer to them as my "Spring", "Summer", "Fall" and "Winter" pallets to better differentiate between them.
I swatched two colors from each pallet on my hand over Urban Decay Primer Potion in the order: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I also did a look using the Winter pallet and I will include a link down below to take you to my LOTD.
The shadows gave pretty decent pay off but were a little hard to blend. I also had to pack on a lot of the shadow to get the opacity I wanted, but considering the look I was doing, I probably would have to do that with other shadows as well, so I can't complain.
The Lipsticks

The lipsticks that came with the set were all right. Nothing I'd be overly thrilled to get. The reddest lipstick gave the best color payoff but it wasn't as pigmented as some lipsticks I've used in the past (MAC, L'Oreal, Wet n Wild, just to name a few). I had to really rub it on to my skin just to get them to show up on my skin. The lighter pinks and peach colored lipsticks had a little too much shimmer for my taste and I don't think they were the right tone to compliment my skin.
The Lip Glosses

I actually really liked the lip glosses. The red lip gloss reminded me of the holly berries that people decorate their homes with and showed up very nicely, even on my darker toned skin. And the peach colored lip gloss had little bits of gold shimmer in it (at least that's what I saw, lol) which I really liked. I could see myself using these lip glosses over lipsticks.
The Lip Sugars

These were way too sticky for me and the colors screamed "pre-teen" to me. Plus there was too much "buble gum" shimmer in them. I might give them to my daughter or include them in a giveaway I'm thinking of having.
The Lip/Eye Liners
Their your pretty standard lip and eye liners. They give decent pay off. I like the red lip liner though. I could see myself using it to do a red lip sometime in the future.
The Color Correcter/Concealers

They blended right into the skin which I suppose is a good think, but they almost completely disappeared which leads me to believe that I would have to use a lot of product to make a difference in correcting and concealing skin blemishes and there really isn't that much product in a pot. I might throw these into my PROkit just for back up purposes.
As for the nail polishes, blushes, and face powders, I don't think I'll ever really use them, but I wouldn't mind giving them to my daughter to play around with.
All in all, I really liked the eye shadow pallets and lip glosses. I don't think I lost out on anything knowing what many eye shadow pallets and lip glosses run for these days.
This gift set is cool for what it is and is a great starter kit for someone getting started in makeup and wanting to experiment with using different colors.
I hope you liked this review!

link to LOTD using Winter pallet:

Estee Lauder's DayWear Moistizer and Idealist Review

So I bought these two products from the Estee Lauder counter in Macy's and I've been using them for awhile now, but haven't really had a chance to do a review on them yet. So without further ado....
I purchased Estee Lauder's Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator after seeing the commercial, and I figured I'd try it out. I know it's a bit of a pricey buy (retails for $58) but I don't really go out and spend a lot of money on makeup or skin care products. At least not like I used to. I decided to buy it because I noticed that my skin has been changing a lot lately. Dry patches on areas that were once more oily, hyper pigmentation becoming more pronounced, all that jazz. And my skin has become a little more sensitive to my make up as of late, but I simply cannot wear light makeup. I'm one of those women who has to wear full coverage if I have on any makeup at all. But now that I see my skin changing, I want to be able to go without wearing makeup but still having beautiful skin. I've been using this product for awhile and I personally cannot tell if my skin has gotten better. But apparently others have. People tell me that my skin is flawless. I seriously wonder who their looking at sometimes. But I figure as much as I paid for it, it better be doing something. LOL. The product feels really nice going on. It feels a bit greasy at first but as you apply it to your face, it smooths out and the greasy feel disappears, replacing it with a smooth, almost silicone like feel. It also absorbs into the skin very nicely. Also the lemony citrus smell is refreshing as you apply.
The second item I purchased was the Day Wear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Lotion. I LOVE how this makes my skin feel after application. It's so soft and smooth and I find myself touching my face a lot, though I know I shouldn't. LOL. It smells like cucumbers which makes application a pleasant experience. I've put on lotions that said they'd smooth out skin or moisturize but ended up smelling a little too fruity or medicinal for my taste. This product retails for $43 at Estee Lauder counter.
I like these products a lot, and would more than likely buy them again. The Day Wear Moisturizer especially.
Hope you enjoyed this review!
*pictures are mine. please do not steal*

Moist's Hemp Body Moisturizer "Acai Berry" Review

I'm sure some of you who shop at Sally's Beauty Supply or Cosmo Prof or any other beauty supply store has seen this brand of lotion from Moist called "Hemp". *insert marijuana jokes here. go ahead, I have. LOL* When I saw it, I was like, "oh cool, that's nice." Standard brush off.
Then one day, during Breast cancer Awareness Month, we started selling a pink Hemp lotion in my salon. Again I was like, "oh cool, that's nice." Then came that fateful day I needed some lotion. My hands had become way too dry from one too many shampoos. LOL. So I tried some lotion. It ended up smelling very nice and softened my hands very well.
That stayed in my mind when it was time for me to stock up on body lotion so on my next trip to Sally's I made my way to the body lotion aisle and perused their selection of Hemp lotions. I ended up choosing their Acai Berry lotion and I have to say I really like it.
The smell is more floral than fruity which I like since strong perfumey lotions give me headaches and the feel of my skin after working the lotion is soft and smooth. The lotion isn't very thick, or creamy which I like because I find the thicker lotions to be too greasy for me. The lotion does require you to work it into the skin for it to be completely absorbed but it doesn't take as long as it would if you were using a body cream or body butter.
Another nice thing about this lotion: It was less than $6 for 18 fluid ounces of product. The online prices are more expensive so I don't know if they've raised the prices since I bought mine in the actual store, but I still figure $8 a much better price than spending over $10 at Bath and Body or Victoria's Secret for 16 ounces.
Have you ever tried the Hemp products? If so, which one do you like?
*picture is mine. please do not steal*

Lippie Love Affair

I go through many phases of addiction in my never ending quest of the make up shopping. First it was eye shadows. Eye shadows are always the ones that draw you in. *sigh* After that addiction came colored eye liners. And now I am in this crazy one-sided lipstick love.
My collection of personal lippies (though I'm sure not as extensive as many MUAs out there) is ridiculous. I have over 20 in lipstick alone. Add in lip glosses and lip liners... My poor train case is nigh unto bursting. LOL. I don't even want to try and count how many lipsticks I have in my PROkit.
So I just wanted to share my lippies with you in pretty pictures. :-)

What is your current cosmetic addiction?
*pictures are mine. do not steal*

Hot Topic's "War Paint Cosmetics" Lip Gloss Review

So, I was in Hot Topic one day with a friend and I came upon their cosmetics section and I saw that they were selling a brand called "Warpaint". They have a variety of different things from eye kohl and eye shadow, lip liners, eye liners, lip glosses, dry shampoos, nail polishes, etc. They have many different colors as well and I was tempted to buy a whole bunch of stuff just to have, but I held myself back. It was hard to do, mind you. LOL.
I ended up buying two lip glosses for $5 each, but they were having a BoGo deal so I ended up spending about $8 with tax. The two colors I chose were: "Brightest Pink", which I'm sure the name can speak for itself, and "Grimace", which is an electric purple.

I did like their packaging and when I pulled off the twist cap, I saw that the lip gloss could be expelled by squeezing the lip gloss tube which would push the gloss out of tiny holes attached to the lip gloss tube. So far so good.
I swatched them on my hand just to see how opaque the lip glosses were and found that the pink showed up pretty well on my skin tone but I had to apply a substantial amount to get the opacity I was hoping for. The purple didn't show up as well as the pink and it looked more like a light sheen of purple color. They were also really thick and sticky and I'm not a big fan of thick and sticky when it comes to my lip gloss.

I tried them out on my lips and found that for them to show, I'd have to apply really thick layers of gloss on my lips, which meant lots of thick and sticky goop sitting on my mouth and once again, I'm not a big fan of thick and sticky.
So over all I would say this product is so-so. For the price of $5 a tube, I can't say it was worth it. This product seemed more like something I'd buy at Claire's for my 10 year old daughter to play with. Maybe I will wear them if I just want a light sheen of color, but I don't see myself buying any more of their lip glosses in the near future.

What Is Your Make-Up Application Regimen?

I am always fascinated with how makeup is applied to different people's faces. Mainly because every application is different. Different cosmetics are used for that individual and application is ever changing due to preference. I think my own regimen is kind of boring honestly, but it works for me and I make the best out of it, so I can't complain. But anyway, I'm curious as to what your makeup application regimen is and I'd like to share mine with you.
 (Pictures are in order to how I apply.)
Step One: Moisturize and Prime
I have combination-oily skin and so I use two different moisturizers to take care of the different areas on my face. My T-zone is where I'm more oily so I use Clean & Clear's Dual Action Moisturizing Lotion to help with whatever pimples or breakouts my skin dares to have. Then I use Estee Lauder's Day Wear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Lotion (Whew! that's a mouthful) on the rest of my skin. I then prep with Milk of Magnesia, usually applying sparingly on my T-zone where I'm most likely to get oily throughout my day.
(Milk of Magnesia works great for matting down the shine that comes with oily skin as well as absorbing oil due to the magnesium hydroxide. Another nice thing about it: it's CHEAP! You can find it at any drugstore. You can check out my blog about using Milk of Magnesia as a primer at:
Step Two: Eye Shadow Primer and Eyeshadow
I usually apply my primer and eye shadow first due to preference, but however you choose to do it works just fine. I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion because I've found that it's the only eye primer that works well enough to keep my eye shadow on my eyes and keeps it from creasing. I have oily lids as well and it is NO BUENO seeing your eye shadow become all gunky in your crease.
The quad is a customized MAC pallet I created using my "Go-To" neutral shadows for those days I don't feel like using my brain to figure out which eye shadow to use for the day.
(Shadows in quad going clockwise are MAC's "Naked Lunch", "Embark", "Print" and "Cork".)
Step Three: Foundation
I use a concealer from Covergirl (I forget what line though) in "Light" under my eyes to hide the dark circles that I have and then using a foundation brush I apply my foundation (MAC's Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in NC40). Then using a duo fiber brush I blend my whole face into my hair line and under my jaw line.

Step Four: Setting My Foundation
I use my duo fiber brush to apply my powder (MAC's Mineralized Skinfinish in "Medium Deep" or "Dark" depending on the season.)

Step Five: Applying Blush
One of my favorite pallets is the customized MAC blush pallet I created in order to condense my pressed blush collection and free up some room in my train case. It has all of the colors I usually use and I also love looking at it. Something about it makes me :-)
(Blushes starting from top left to right: "Springsheen", "Sunbasque", and "Breezy"
Bottom left to right: "Fever", "Her Blooming Cheek" and "Dollymix".

The picture really doesn't do the blushes any justice. *sad face*)
Step Six: Setting My Powder
I set my powder with MAC's Studio Fix+ so I don't have that dry look that powder tends to give me sometimes. I also use the Fix+ as a mixing medium when I want to use my pigments wet.

Step Seven: Moisturize Lips
When I'm not wearing lipstick, I'm usually wearing chap stick or lip balm. I'm not really picky about what I use but the one I'm using at the moment is from an independent company I buy pigments from.

(You can check out her awesome products at:

Step Eight/Nine (Optional): Eyeliner and Mascara
These steps are optional for me. Sometimes I don't really want to wear eyeliner or mascara but on the days that I do, I usually wear MAC's Fluidline in "Blacktrack" and for mascara I usually apply two separate coats of two different mascaras, just to give me some length and volume. I've tried many different mascaras but I really, REALLY love Benefit's BADgal Lash. I don't really like Maybelline's Falsies Mascara by itself since it tends to clump but using it as a second coat over the BADgal lash works well.

So yes, this is what I wear on any given day that I've decided to actually do my makeup. It seems like a lot when I look at it in writing but I've done this so many times, I've gotten it down to 30 minutes.
As I said, my makeup application may be different from many others, but again, it's all preference. Hope you enjoyed this post. :-)
What are your favorite products? How do you apply your makeup? I want to know!!!!
Here are some links to different companies that I shop with.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Curlformers Review

(I've cut my hair since this review but I wanted to share it anyway.)

I saw these while shopping at Sally's Beauty Supply and I thought I'd give them a try. I usually don't like curling my hair that often because of all the heat damage and the time consumption, so I decided to try these out. They're called "Curlformers" and if you buy the kit you get a little hook that comes with it as opposed to buying it separately.
They're fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it and can be done fairly quickly. They're not the worst thing to sleep in either.
The price on the Sally's Beauty Supply webiste ( is $69.99, or $63.99 with a Sally's club card. In the kit you get two sets of medium sized curlers and set of short small curlers as well and even if you have A TON of hair, there will be more than enough curlers leftover.
The only thing I did not like about this product is that when I take the curlers out of my hair in the morning, the curls are so tight and springy that I feel more like Shirley Temple than 27 year old woman. But with some de-frizzing serum and a little bit of spray in conditioner, I'm able to tame and style it into a nice updo or side ponytail with lots of curls.
The curls hold well throughout the next day if you don't plan on washing them out right away and I had pretty "waterfall curls" after some of the springiness had fallen out.
My hair is coarse usually has a hard time maintaining a curl, but these worked rather well.
Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of my hair the day after but the two pictures I did take of my hair are from two days after using the Curlformers.
These are a great alternative to curling your hair without a curling iron or flat iron and I would suggest them to anyone who is looking for a healthier, less damaging way to curl their hair.
You can also buy Curlformers from I just happened to get mine from Sally's.
Hope you enjoyed this review!
 *pictures are mine. please do not steal. picture of model using Curlformers are from the Curlformers website where you can also buy pieces separately if needed.*