Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Impressions

I've been told that upon first seeing me, people first thought I was either snobby or a b*itch. Of course after opening my mouth and revealing who I truly am, these people change their perception of me right away. But I always wondered, "why do these people think I would be this way?"

Is it how I present myself? Do I really come off as snobby or even a b*itch?

Here are some easy tips to making sure that your first impression is ALWAYS a good one.

1. Smile. It's so simple, but it's easy to get caught up in our day that we forget that our mug is the first thing people see. Make a conscious decision to smile more often, even if it isn't 100% genuine. Still, smile. You'll be surprised how many people will smile back at you.

2. Be courteous. Something I've noticed lately, is that courtesy isn't something practiced often anymore. Something as small as holding a door open for someone can set the pace for yours and someone else's day. Plus, you'll get that feel-good feeling for doing something positive for someone else. Also, don't forget to say "please" and "thank you". Mama shoulda taught you better, so employ these good manners that I know she taught ya. ;-)

3. Start your day off with a positive attitude. I know we have days where we "wake up on the wrong side of the bed", but we shouldn't let that set the tone for our day. We all have bad days coming our way, but we don't have to let it completely take over our ability to enjoy our day either.

But most of all, remember my first tip. SMILE!!! it's something I definitely try to do everyday, even on those days where I'm not truly feeling it. But it sure is nice when someone smiles back. so with that...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

*update on my DECISION*

so if you've been following me on this particular blog, you'll know that i was somewhat at a crossroads a couple weeks ago. I was debating whether or not i wanted to continue in the field of Cosmetology or switch into my school's Estheticians course. (i know i said i'd make my decision in a week. I did, i just didn't have time to post about it. sorry...)

i'm staying in Cosmetology. after talking to a lot of people. hearing their advice and talking to my husband (and the advice received was all across the board from pursue the Estheticians course to stay in Cosmetology), i figured out that Cosmetology is NOT that bad. i'm good at everything i do, with the exception of learning the more complicated aspects f course.

i've talked to my instructors, and they've assured me that hair cutting isn't something you pick up right away in beauty school. sometimes it takes years to perfect it. now that sounds a little dismaying, but i choose to look at it as something that i will have as a challenge.

hair cuts are so technical and so many steps have to be followed to attain a certain cut, but then it gets blown out of the water with all the advanced hair cutting techniques that have been coming out in the last few years. sometimes i i want to just take my shears and chop off a chunk of my doll head's hair and say, "THERE!" and knowing the avant garde artists out there... they'd probably buy it. LOL

and as far as nails... nope. still don't like it. hahahahaha

but anyway, i'm simply saying that i've come this far. i need to continue to push myself to succeed. it will all be a struggle but it will also be worth it all in the end.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

*Update On Competition *

So I got the results of my contest entry. I placed second in the creative make up department. I should be happy, but the truth of the matter is... I'm a little bummed. My competition was awesome, no doubt. (They did a full face Avatar look.) And they won.

All I can say is that it's a bit ironic that I wrote a blog about not giving up and keeping on with the keep on, even when rejection is the outcome. And to be honest, my initial reaction was... "Dang... (insert sad face here.)"

I don't mean to sound like a poor sport (though I probably do), but I know that many people have probably felt the same way I do when they put a whole lot of effort into something only to get shot down. But that's what this industry is. Competition and the drive to be the best. I can only be the best with what i know and what I've been given.

I know i won't mope for long though. I'll simply congratulate the winners, prepare for the next one and move on. This is just a little bump in the road to success. I just gotta brush it off and keep moving.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Being a "Yes" Girl in a "No" World

what exactly is a "Yes" girl? my definition: a woman who will bend over backwards to provide the best service possible, and in some cases, having no boundaries and even goes to great lengths at the expense of herself. am i a "Yes" girl? sadly, YES, i am. but it's something I'm working on.

something i have come to experience in my short career (so far) as a freelance makeup artist, is the abundance of "NO"s in my line of work. so many times I've heard this one syllable word and yet, it causes so much grief. especially where money is involved. And let me tell you, it can seriously cause a person to wonder whether or not their services are really that invaluable to others.

i get it though, times are hard. it's not necessarily me. it's just that people want the best for their money. and being self-employed (and HONEST), i wish to provide the best of my services for the best price. but like i said, sometimes hearing "No" all the time can put a damper on the fire that fuels the passion.

but it doesn't mean to quit. simply because you hear "No" a lot, doesn't mean that you aren't as good as you may have thought you were. (It doesn't mean that people are moochers either, mind you.) you might just be as great as the next person out there, but in many cases, dues must be paid. we still have to prove our worth. but with the "No's comes the motivation to be better at what we do. to improve constantly. without the "No"s we would stay where we are without any reason to pursue greatness in any line of work.

unfortunately, the down-side of being a yes girl is the inability to really know what boundaries should be applied. i think in the beginning of starting a career, many (uneducated) business-person's don't know what lines should be created to keep professionalism, as well as safety and integrity between all parties involved. this is definitely not one of my strongest suits, so I've had to create several rules and reminders for myself to make sure that not only do i get screwed (for lack of a better word) but neither does a possible client...

Rule/Reminder #1: "No" doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't good enough. There are unseen circumstances that prevent a client from doing business with you.

Rule/Reminder #2: Unless they are absolutely trustworthy, try not to work with close family/church members or friends. it's sad that this has to be said, but here it is. sometimes it's better to keep business separate from people that come into your personal life. if a fall out should happen, it would only cause awkwardness and resentment between people who should love each other regardless.

Rule/Reminder #3: Stand firm in your policies/rules. Your business shouldn't be a negotiation. Not everyone is going to agree with your methods, but at the end of the day, it's YOUR business. not THEIRS.

Rule/Reminder #4: Do not allow yourself to be bullied or hard-balled. This follows very close to Rule/Reminder #3. Being assertive is the best way to handle would-be bullies. don't let their foolishness dictate how you run your business. i always believed that a negative person attracts negativity and more than likely are, you wouldn't want these types of people or those of consort with them as part of your clientele anyway.

I'm sure there will be plenty more rules and reminders that i will have to add as the years go by that i stay in this business. but for now, this is what i have.

my point being: don't let other's "No"s take away the possibilities of your "Yes". keep on pushing and don't give up.