Monday, December 6, 2010


tonight's blog is going to be a reflective one.

i know that i don't write as often as i like, due to time constraints and plain and pure laziness... but this is something that's been on my mind for awhile now...

lately, i've been asking myself a serious question: am i selling myself short when it comes to my career? the reason i ask is this. i am surrounded by passion driven people at school every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. some of my classmates have dreams of owning their own salons, working as celebrity stylists and make up artists, even moving to LA or New York to pursue their careers. now there isn't anything wrong with these dreams at all...


why don't i have these dreams? why don't i want to become a celebrity stylist or MUA? why am i content to stay here and work here when people tell me that i can go so far in this industry.

i had to ask my husband if something was wrong with me. why didn't my dreams reach beyond the borders of the Bay Area? who doesn't want to open their own salon or move to LA or New York?

i've been wondering this particular aspect about myself for awhile now. a couple of weeks at the most. i've had to sit back and really think back to why i even got involved in the beauty industry to begin with. i decided to pursue this career because i like, no i love, making women (and men) feel like they look their best. i love making a person feel so much more confident when they leave then when they first stepped into the salon doors. i figure, there are a lot more regular, ordinary people who want to feel like a celebrity. like someone important.

i remember we were told to write our mission statement for school several months in, and i remember writing some ridiculous paragraph having to do with being the absolute best in my industry and blah blah blah. now there's nothing wrong with that. i truly believe that when pursuing a career, you should do your absolute best and have goals set out for you. the problem with my particular mission statement was that it had absolutely nothing to do with why i got into the industry. i got into this industry not to be famous, but to make people feel like they are famous when they sit in my chair.

now what does this have to do with reflecting and all of that? i guess i just needed to take a step back and reread my mission statement. just like my husband said, it's ok that i don't want to move to LA or New York. it's ok that i don't want to own my own salon - at least not yet. and i don't even think i want to try and work for celebrities. i need to remember that i'm perfectly fine with staying in my small hometown where all my friends and family are and where i can work my magic in my home area. i would much rather spread that happiness here where people need it rather than in a hoity toity kinda place where brown nosing is a necessity.

the point i had to make for myself was that i'm living my dream. i love my schooling and i will also love my job once i graduate. it doesn't matter where i go or what i do as long as i'm happy with what i'm doing. that's definitely something that requires deep thinking and reflection.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I DID IT!!! i achieved my goal of Gold Team in Cosmetology School! What is a Gold Team Member, you ask? Remember the "Dean's List in school ? Basically the same thing. We mentor new students and are recognized for excellence and achievements in school. I just wanted to share this with you! This was one of my goals ever since the first few months of theory and now, 9 months into school I DID IT!!! Such a HAPPY DAY!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Facial Primers at Drugstore Prices

ever wondered how to get your make up to stay on without it getting cakey, waxy or running off? does it look kinda blah after that first four or five hours of the day and you're wondering how to make it last longer?

i'm sure you've heard this term before, but what you need is FACE PRIMER. like the primer before a paint job, you need a primer before your make up application.

but make up primer can get pretty expensive. so here are some cheap drugstore options for those who are in a pinch but still want that freshly applied look even 6 hours into the day!

after doing a couple hours of research, these are the two i've come up with and am now sharing it with you. :)

(i've included the references and reviews i researched just in case you don't believe me, lol)

Dry Skin

Monistat Bikini Chafing Gel



there are also a ton of reviews on YouTube singing praise to this particular "primer". here's one:

this is another video on comparisons between your brand name primers and your drugstore "primers"... very informative!

Oily Skin

Milk of Magnesia

i have used this as a primer myself, having oily skin, and it does work! it also helps a lot with those of you who have acne prone skin. i've also used this as a mask at night to help clear up any oncoming pimples that i really do seem to get over night. i do recommend this to be used sparingly because it can over dry your skin.

references and reviews:




all right, so here you go! hope you enjoyed this Beauty Tip of the Week!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

TKB Trading Haul/Review

recently, i found out a dear friend works for a mineral make up/distributing company based out of the Bay Area. she came to visit me at my school and even brought me a little sample of some shadow. (we had a good laugh because she walked to the bathroom and when she walked out she saw me testing the shadow on my hand. she said i looked like an addict of some sort. LOL. i AM a make up junkie after all.)

after her visit, i went home and checked out the site. it is called TKB Trading and has been around since the early 90's. my friend, who works in the shipping department, told me how far their business ranges all over the world, all the way from here to Australia.

the site is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. there are a variety of things to take a look at from DIY mineral make up kits, to ready made eyeshadows, lipsticks, bath salts and dyes, etc. since my main attraction was the make up, i immediately maneuvered myself over the "Colored Micas" under the makeup tab. they have over 200 different eyeshadows, ranging from vibrant to muted shimmers, and enough sparkles to assuage any make up junkies next fix. after poring through the pages and pages of colored shadows, i finally came up with 14 shadows that i decided i had to have. TKBs Pop! Collection in Raspberry Pop, Strawberry Pop, Tangerine Pop, Lemon Drop Pop, Apple Green Pop, Blueberry Pop and Grape Pop. Then some metallic as well as some soft shimmers in Crucible Gold, Crucible Red, Sagittaire Mica, China Jade, Smokey XXX, Copper Basics and a beautiful brown red shadow with blue interference called Chameleon Fine.

14 shadows for only -get this- $1.50 per sample. and each sample consists of about 1 full tablespoon (approx. 15 grams)! shipping was only $3.25 and it took 4 days from when i initially placed my order. so for loads of product, cheap AND fast shipping, i only spent a little less than $25.00! sounds almost too good to be true, right? well, yeah, it does. there had to be something that wasn't adding up. so, naturally came the next question, "how does it show up on the skin?"

being a darker skinned girl, i usually have issues with shadows that aren't as vibrant on my skin as i'd like them to be without some kind of mixing medium. especially those that are yellow and purple based shadows. so i did what any make up junkie would do.


First up: Raspberry Pop, Strawberry Pop, Lemon Drop Pop and Grape Pop.

Dry w/ flash:

Wet (using MAC's Studio Fix +) w/ flash:

Next: Apple Green Pop, Blueberry Pop, Chameleon Fine, Smokey XXX and Sagittaire

Dry w/ flash:

Wet (using MAC's SF+) w/ flash:

Last: Crucible Gold, Copper Basics, Crucible Red, China Jade and Patagonia Purple (the sample given to me by my dear friend, Nancy!)

Dry w/ flash:

Wet (using MACs SF+) w/ flash:

As you can see, the color pay off is really good, especially foiled using Studio Fix + or any other type of mixing medium.

I also wondered about durability, so I decided to try out one of the shadows to a reception I was attending this past weekend. I chose Copper Basics for my eyeshadow over Urban Decay's Primer Potion and using MAC's Studio Fix + to set it.

Beginning of the night (please don't mind the wolf-woman brows, lol):

Copper Basics on lid, Urban Decay's Smog and Grifter in crease and Sin on brow bone.

<span class=

<span class=

<span class=

I love how the copper shows up so vibrantly on my skin. so far so good!

End of the night after dancing and partying hard with my friends:

<span class=

<span class=

<span class=

as you can see, the shadow stayed in place very nicely even though i'd sweat underneath it from all the dancing i had been doing. if anything, the only issue was my eyeliner which had run slightly into the corners of my eyes. there was minimal creasing and it was still as vibrant as when i'd walked out of the house some 8 hours earlier. the shadow was also very easy to remove with some make up remover wipes and didn't leave any stains or irritation.

so i can easily say that i am very pleased with this product and will more than likely be shopping at this site again!

Thanks for the heads up, Nancy!

hope you enjoyed this review!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Looking Good at Discount Prices

*sigh* shopping.

my favorite past time. and in all honesty, it's WAAAAAAAAYY too long since I've indulged in my favorite past time. let's face it, times are hard, and they only seem to be getting harder. there was a time when we were able to go on mini to large shopping sprees, but these days...

luckily for those of us in need of retail therapy, there are plenty of thrift/consignment/discount shops/outlets/stores. i call shopping sprees in these stores "indoor scavenger hunts". LOL. Ross, Marshall's and TJ Maxx are few of these stores. Even going to your local secondhand store like Goodwill can lead to unknown and unclaimed goodies. need new shoes? Payless. BoGo's are AWESOME!!! These are several stores that most people know about. but what if you can't make it out to these stores?

Not to worry. I called upon the lovely ladies in my "Special Interest" (ok, makeup... duh! lol) groups to give me some websites from which they acquire their lovely sparklies as well as apparrel and accesories. and so i am passing it on to you. consider this a resource for "Online Thrift Store Shopping."

Make Up (you know this one had to go first.)

now, for many women that I know, make up is a big deal. most men will never, NEVER, NEVER understand our total obsession/infatuation with the wonderful thing that is MAKEUP. (if i could make the word sparkle, i would!) but let's face it, it gets expensive. but, as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for." thankfully, there are several websites you can go to that sell brand name makeup at wholesale or discount prices. Thank God for that!

Wholesale/Discount Makeup Websites

Do-It-Yourself Mineral Make Up/Bath Products

other affordable make sites

Makeup Brushes

Swaps and Sample Sites

also, don't discount shopping on online auction sites such as Ebay and Amazon. is also a great place to look for cosmetics as well as handmade items, purses, bath bombs, jewelry, etc. these are great one-stop-shops!


so you may not be a makeup whore like i am, but hey, even a makeup whore needs new clothes! i've checked out some of these sites and it makes me wish i could go shopping even more. (alas, to live on a student budget. LOL) but even so, i share them with you.


there's something about a new purse or handbag that makes a woman squeal with joy. but sometimes, that new item (especially that new purse) can rip your pocket in half. these are some sites worth looking into for your shoe fetish or handbag fix

another tip for you, sign up for newsletters from your favorite makeup/shoe/apparel sites. a lot of times they'll send you email notifications alerting you of new sales or products. many even offer discount/coupons for shopping.

well, that's all i got. but if you know any, drop me a line in my comment boxes. lets share the happiness that is retail consumption.


(note* though i am providing these websites for shopping purpose, I am not in any way advocating or encouraging you to blow all your hard earned cash on these sites to the point that your family might suffer. please use caution when going on shopping binges and remember what is most important be it your family, house, car, dog, whatever. now with that said... browse away.)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Impressions

I've been told that upon first seeing me, people first thought I was either snobby or a b*itch. Of course after opening my mouth and revealing who I truly am, these people change their perception of me right away. But I always wondered, "why do these people think I would be this way?"

Is it how I present myself? Do I really come off as snobby or even a b*itch?

Here are some easy tips to making sure that your first impression is ALWAYS a good one.

1. Smile. It's so simple, but it's easy to get caught up in our day that we forget that our mug is the first thing people see. Make a conscious decision to smile more often, even if it isn't 100% genuine. Still, smile. You'll be surprised how many people will smile back at you.

2. Be courteous. Something I've noticed lately, is that courtesy isn't something practiced often anymore. Something as small as holding a door open for someone can set the pace for yours and someone else's day. Plus, you'll get that feel-good feeling for doing something positive for someone else. Also, don't forget to say "please" and "thank you". Mama shoulda taught you better, so employ these good manners that I know she taught ya. ;-)

3. Start your day off with a positive attitude. I know we have days where we "wake up on the wrong side of the bed", but we shouldn't let that set the tone for our day. We all have bad days coming our way, but we don't have to let it completely take over our ability to enjoy our day either.

But most of all, remember my first tip. SMILE!!! it's something I definitely try to do everyday, even on those days where I'm not truly feeling it. But it sure is nice when someone smiles back. so with that...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

*update on my DECISION*

so if you've been following me on this particular blog, you'll know that i was somewhat at a crossroads a couple weeks ago. I was debating whether or not i wanted to continue in the field of Cosmetology or switch into my school's Estheticians course. (i know i said i'd make my decision in a week. I did, i just didn't have time to post about it. sorry...)

i'm staying in Cosmetology. after talking to a lot of people. hearing their advice and talking to my husband (and the advice received was all across the board from pursue the Estheticians course to stay in Cosmetology), i figured out that Cosmetology is NOT that bad. i'm good at everything i do, with the exception of learning the more complicated aspects f course.

i've talked to my instructors, and they've assured me that hair cutting isn't something you pick up right away in beauty school. sometimes it takes years to perfect it. now that sounds a little dismaying, but i choose to look at it as something that i will have as a challenge.

hair cuts are so technical and so many steps have to be followed to attain a certain cut, but then it gets blown out of the water with all the advanced hair cutting techniques that have been coming out in the last few years. sometimes i i want to just take my shears and chop off a chunk of my doll head's hair and say, "THERE!" and knowing the avant garde artists out there... they'd probably buy it. LOL

and as far as nails... nope. still don't like it. hahahahaha

but anyway, i'm simply saying that i've come this far. i need to continue to push myself to succeed. it will all be a struggle but it will also be worth it all in the end.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

*Update On Competition *

So I got the results of my contest entry. I placed second in the creative make up department. I should be happy, but the truth of the matter is... I'm a little bummed. My competition was awesome, no doubt. (They did a full face Avatar look.) And they won.

All I can say is that it's a bit ironic that I wrote a blog about not giving up and keeping on with the keep on, even when rejection is the outcome. And to be honest, my initial reaction was... "Dang... (insert sad face here.)"

I don't mean to sound like a poor sport (though I probably do), but I know that many people have probably felt the same way I do when they put a whole lot of effort into something only to get shot down. But that's what this industry is. Competition and the drive to be the best. I can only be the best with what i know and what I've been given.

I know i won't mope for long though. I'll simply congratulate the winners, prepare for the next one and move on. This is just a little bump in the road to success. I just gotta brush it off and keep moving.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Being a "Yes" Girl in a "No" World

what exactly is a "Yes" girl? my definition: a woman who will bend over backwards to provide the best service possible, and in some cases, having no boundaries and even goes to great lengths at the expense of herself. am i a "Yes" girl? sadly, YES, i am. but it's something I'm working on.

something i have come to experience in my short career (so far) as a freelance makeup artist, is the abundance of "NO"s in my line of work. so many times I've heard this one syllable word and yet, it causes so much grief. especially where money is involved. And let me tell you, it can seriously cause a person to wonder whether or not their services are really that invaluable to others.

i get it though, times are hard. it's not necessarily me. it's just that people want the best for their money. and being self-employed (and HONEST), i wish to provide the best of my services for the best price. but like i said, sometimes hearing "No" all the time can put a damper on the fire that fuels the passion.

but it doesn't mean to quit. simply because you hear "No" a lot, doesn't mean that you aren't as good as you may have thought you were. (It doesn't mean that people are moochers either, mind you.) you might just be as great as the next person out there, but in many cases, dues must be paid. we still have to prove our worth. but with the "No's comes the motivation to be better at what we do. to improve constantly. without the "No"s we would stay where we are without any reason to pursue greatness in any line of work.

unfortunately, the down-side of being a yes girl is the inability to really know what boundaries should be applied. i think in the beginning of starting a career, many (uneducated) business-person's don't know what lines should be created to keep professionalism, as well as safety and integrity between all parties involved. this is definitely not one of my strongest suits, so I've had to create several rules and reminders for myself to make sure that not only do i get screwed (for lack of a better word) but neither does a possible client...

Rule/Reminder #1: "No" doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't good enough. There are unseen circumstances that prevent a client from doing business with you.

Rule/Reminder #2: Unless they are absolutely trustworthy, try not to work with close family/church members or friends. it's sad that this has to be said, but here it is. sometimes it's better to keep business separate from people that come into your personal life. if a fall out should happen, it would only cause awkwardness and resentment between people who should love each other regardless.

Rule/Reminder #3: Stand firm in your policies/rules. Your business shouldn't be a negotiation. Not everyone is going to agree with your methods, but at the end of the day, it's YOUR business. not THEIRS.

Rule/Reminder #4: Do not allow yourself to be bullied or hard-balled. This follows very close to Rule/Reminder #3. Being assertive is the best way to handle would-be bullies. don't let their foolishness dictate how you run your business. i always believed that a negative person attracts negativity and more than likely are, you wouldn't want these types of people or those of consort with them as part of your clientele anyway.

I'm sure there will be plenty more rules and reminders that i will have to add as the years go by that i stay in this business. but for now, this is what i have.

my point being: don't let other's "No"s take away the possibilities of your "Yes". keep on pushing and don't give up.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wizard of Oz Inspired Make Up

So there was a competition at school this past week. i decided to enter the Creative Make Up on a live model portion of it. i chose to do my make up based on a Wizard of Oz inspired theme. just watned to share it with you all. :)

Concept Art

Creative Make Up Contest Entry

i find out next week whether i place or not. my competition so far is a girl and her team who did Avatar which was pretty flippin' dope if i say so myself. so, we'll see.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

At A Crossroads...

So I'm at a point in my education (i'm in Cosmetology, for those of you who don't know) and I've discovered a disturbing fact... I HATE cutting hair. I have absolutely no talent or passion in it. There are so many technicalities, angles, procedures... GRRR!!! it's enough to make your eyes cross. it's like mathmatics to me... which i aslo hated and sucked at. another thing i hate about Cosmetology... NAILS! i can do a manicure and a pedicure okay. hell, i can even do a spa pedi if you want one. but acrylics, gels, nail tips... any of those requirinf false nails... DO NOT LIKE and CANNOT STAND them! it only makes me feel bad that i can't do nails nicely enough that a client would want to wear them proudly. *sigh*

now for those who DO know... I am a free lance MUA. and it is my PASSION! all my best ideas where any type of creativity is involved has to do with make up. i get excited when i hear there is a competition and it allows me to express myself in my farvorite artform. i honestly know that i can see myself in this career for the rest of my life.

now the crossroads...

i'm trying to figure out whether i should switch from Cosmetology to Esthetics (the study of the face and make up). i figure skin goes hand in hand with make up so... pretty easy choice, right? wrong.

i'm hesitant to switch from Cosmo to Esthi for a few simple/complicated reasons.

1. i'm already 5 months into Cosmetology with 8 more months to go

2. i've put my family on hold so that i can pursue this dream of mine to go into the beauty industry.

3. i'm worried about what this might do to us financially.

i feel like i'm in a bind. trying to figure out the right way to go about this.

*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggghhhh* oh the things i have to think about. we'll see what the outcome of my decision is within a week. that's the time limit i'm giving myself... *sigh* yes. we shall have to see...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Winged Tips & Red Lips Tutorial

I made this tutorial some time ago since it seems the Pin-Up girl look is making a BIG come back. hope you enjoy this simple tutorial. :) check me out on my youtube channel:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Passion Stirs Drive, Love Stirs Perseverance

so most of my friends already know this...

I want to be a Make Up Artist. :) i can do hair for the most part, but i truly, truly want to be a makeup artist. my friends and classmates always ask if i want to become a platform artist, or tell me i should move to LA or NY... one has even suggested i start my own make up line. that would be SOOOOOO cool...


i've always felt like I'm a hometown kinda girl. i'm not disregarding the possibility to moving somewhere different and moving up in the MUA world. but i just think that right now, home is where i'd be best to stay... for now.

my dream to become a MUA was something that kinda fell into my lap. and it has really only been a couple years since i really immersed myself into making this a career. it started with playing with eyeshadows and being invited to make up groups. then it went to trying out different looks and posting in group forums or watching YouTube tutorials (btw, Kandee Johnson, you ARE inspiring!!!). then doing some of my friends make up, to doing other people's make up, and now doing photoshoots and brides and other gigs. its all taking off so fast for me that it's overwhelming! but i'm loving every minute of this fast paced journey!

no one has really asked me why i wanted to become a MUA. but i've always known deep inside why i did... my personal "mission statement" is to make everyday, ordinary women feel beautiful, sexy and confident. it amazes me everytime i get done doing someones face, the transformation, not only in their appearance, but in their confidence level as well. women want to feel beautiful, and it's so fulfilling to bring that happy smile to their face when i help them achieve that simple goal...

:) <----- i love that i can make someone do that with a small brush stroke or a pretty pallet.

but yes... i guess this will be the start of my journey. things i've learned, things i experience, things i love... i can't wait to see where this road takes me!