Monday, February 21, 2011

Graduation!!! ... Now What?

okay, now that I've had some time to actually relax from a busy prior week as well as weekend...

Graduation Day... the day on which I completed the required 1600 hours of education mandated by California in order to attend State Board in order to obtain my license which I had to take out 2 student loans for so that I can become a licensed Cosmetologist....

it was a day that was bittersweet to say the least. no more getting up early to sit in traffic to roll my kit up to my station, no more two hours of theory, no more smoke breaks with my friends, no more talking and listening to my favorite teachers...

I can still remember the first day of school, sitting all giddy and freaked out, wondering what I was going to learn. Would I be able to retain all the information? Would I even be good at this profession? Luckily enough... the answer to these questions is a resounding yes!!! thank god!

now it is time for me to put all I've learned to the test and see if what I've gained from Cosmo school is enough for me to be a successful stylist.

i will have to rely on myself now to know the difference between a cold wave and a soft curl perm, a thio and a hydroxide, the different angles of a haircut, the arc of a developer's strength and the tone of someones skin or hair...

-okay, enough with the sorrowful diatribe-

though i am sad to have completed my schooling, i also see it as the close to a chapter in my life to self-improvement. I've come to believe that my decision in going to Cosmetology school was one of the best things i ever decided to do for myself. to be surrounded by people with such passion and creativity was intimidating and inspiring all at once to the point it could be overwhelming. Cosmo school has also given me challenges that I know I would never received and overcame had I continued working in the job i had before I decided to go to school.

i also know that i wouldn't have been able to graduate had i not had the love and support of these wonderful people...

-my parents-

thank you for always saying you were proud of me in what I've accomplished and showing happiness in my success as well as always praying for me and believing in me.

-my sisters-

thank you for always coming in for me to work on you, even though we bickered, we always had more laughs than i can even remember and it helped make memorable days at my school

-my grandparents-

thank you for always being so readily available to pick up the babies from school on the days that i was in school.

-my in laws-

thank you for allowing us to live with you so that i could pursue my dream to start a new career in a profession that i LOVE!

-my babies-

thank you for always loving mommy through this long journey and always greeting me with a smile when i come home from a long day at school

-my instructors-

Ms. Renee, Mr. Joe, Ms. Kim and Ms. Belinda - i have learned so much from you and i am so grateful because this knowledge will be the tools that i use to take care of my family as i go out into the world. everything that you have taught me is invaluable and i am so grateful to have had all of you as my teachers!

and last but not least...

-my hubby-

thank you so much, my love for always having faith in me, even when i didn't have enough in myself. thank you for putting up with the tears of frustration, listening to my rants of OCD-perfectionism, hugging me when i was upset and rejoicing with me when i accomplished a particularly hard obstacle. this year was definitely a hard one, but i totally agree with you in that this is the happiest we have ever been because you put me first and wanted me to be happy over all. thank you for working so hard to provide for this family AND give me all the things that i wanted and needed -but mostly wanted- for school and for myself. i am truly blessed to have a wonderful ride-or-die man protecting and loving me as good as you do!

now... State Board... i hope you're ready for me, cuz here i come. ;-)

a quick glance at 13-months and 1600 hours in Cosmo school

First Day of School!

how i learned that i HATE doing nails... lol

gotta get your head in the game...

first of many friends

first full on haircut...back when i was afraid to cut hair

i will CT you!

coloring outside the lines!

cutting off my hair for my current style

Long Beach Hair Show

GRADUATION DAY! oh what a JOURNEY it has been!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The End Is Nigh..!

Graduation... it's looming for me. In 11 days to be exact. I can't believe that I made it through the whole program! I remember my first day... so full of excitement and also a lot of nervousness. Thoughts like, "did I make the right choice?" "Will I be good at this?" "What if I fail?"

I can honestly say I made one of the best choices ever by attending Cosmetology school. All of the milestones that happened during my education (Phase 2, making Gold Team, finally "getting" how to cut hair, Phase 3, finals, etc) just added to the wonderful memories that I will take away with me once I clock out for that last time.

I have so many people to be thankful for though. They are half of the whole reason I was able to put so much effort into this program. My parents, my sisters, my in laws, my grandparents, my friends and my husband. They are all the reason I was able to commit to my dream. They will always have my gratitude!