Friday, September 10, 2010


I DID IT!!! i achieved my goal of Gold Team in Cosmetology School! What is a Gold Team Member, you ask? Remember the "Dean's List in school ? Basically the same thing. We mentor new students and are recognized for excellence and achievements in school. I just wanted to share this with you! This was one of my goals ever since the first few months of theory and now, 9 months into school I DID IT!!! Such a HAPPY DAY!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Facial Primers at Drugstore Prices

ever wondered how to get your make up to stay on without it getting cakey, waxy or running off? does it look kinda blah after that first four or five hours of the day and you're wondering how to make it last longer?

i'm sure you've heard this term before, but what you need is FACE PRIMER. like the primer before a paint job, you need a primer before your make up application.

but make up primer can get pretty expensive. so here are some cheap drugstore options for those who are in a pinch but still want that freshly applied look even 6 hours into the day!

after doing a couple hours of research, these are the two i've come up with and am now sharing it with you. :)

(i've included the references and reviews i researched just in case you don't believe me, lol)

Dry Skin

Monistat Bikini Chafing Gel



there are also a ton of reviews on YouTube singing praise to this particular "primer". here's one:

this is another video on comparisons between your brand name primers and your drugstore "primers"... very informative!

Oily Skin

Milk of Magnesia

i have used this as a primer myself, having oily skin, and it does work! it also helps a lot with those of you who have acne prone skin. i've also used this as a mask at night to help clear up any oncoming pimples that i really do seem to get over night. i do recommend this to be used sparingly because it can over dry your skin.

references and reviews:




all right, so here you go! hope you enjoyed this Beauty Tip of the Week!