Monday, December 6, 2010


tonight's blog is going to be a reflective one.

i know that i don't write as often as i like, due to time constraints and plain and pure laziness... but this is something that's been on my mind for awhile now...

lately, i've been asking myself a serious question: am i selling myself short when it comes to my career? the reason i ask is this. i am surrounded by passion driven people at school every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. some of my classmates have dreams of owning their own salons, working as celebrity stylists and make up artists, even moving to LA or New York to pursue their careers. now there isn't anything wrong with these dreams at all...


why don't i have these dreams? why don't i want to become a celebrity stylist or MUA? why am i content to stay here and work here when people tell me that i can go so far in this industry.

i had to ask my husband if something was wrong with me. why didn't my dreams reach beyond the borders of the Bay Area? who doesn't want to open their own salon or move to LA or New York?

i've been wondering this particular aspect about myself for awhile now. a couple of weeks at the most. i've had to sit back and really think back to why i even got involved in the beauty industry to begin with. i decided to pursue this career because i like, no i love, making women (and men) feel like they look their best. i love making a person feel so much more confident when they leave then when they first stepped into the salon doors. i figure, there are a lot more regular, ordinary people who want to feel like a celebrity. like someone important.

i remember we were told to write our mission statement for school several months in, and i remember writing some ridiculous paragraph having to do with being the absolute best in my industry and blah blah blah. now there's nothing wrong with that. i truly believe that when pursuing a career, you should do your absolute best and have goals set out for you. the problem with my particular mission statement was that it had absolutely nothing to do with why i got into the industry. i got into this industry not to be famous, but to make people feel like they are famous when they sit in my chair.

now what does this have to do with reflecting and all of that? i guess i just needed to take a step back and reread my mission statement. just like my husband said, it's ok that i don't want to move to LA or New York. it's ok that i don't want to own my own salon - at least not yet. and i don't even think i want to try and work for celebrities. i need to remember that i'm perfectly fine with staying in my small hometown where all my friends and family are and where i can work my magic in my home area. i would much rather spread that happiness here where people need it rather than in a hoity toity kinda place where brown nosing is a necessity.

the point i had to make for myself was that i'm living my dream. i love my schooling and i will also love my job once i graduate. it doesn't matter where i go or what i do as long as i'm happy with what i'm doing. that's definitely something that requires deep thinking and reflection.