Saturday, June 5, 2010

*update on my DECISION*

so if you've been following me on this particular blog, you'll know that i was somewhat at a crossroads a couple weeks ago. I was debating whether or not i wanted to continue in the field of Cosmetology or switch into my school's Estheticians course. (i know i said i'd make my decision in a week. I did, i just didn't have time to post about it. sorry...)

i'm staying in Cosmetology. after talking to a lot of people. hearing their advice and talking to my husband (and the advice received was all across the board from pursue the Estheticians course to stay in Cosmetology), i figured out that Cosmetology is NOT that bad. i'm good at everything i do, with the exception of learning the more complicated aspects f course.

i've talked to my instructors, and they've assured me that hair cutting isn't something you pick up right away in beauty school. sometimes it takes years to perfect it. now that sounds a little dismaying, but i choose to look at it as something that i will have as a challenge.

hair cuts are so technical and so many steps have to be followed to attain a certain cut, but then it gets blown out of the water with all the advanced hair cutting techniques that have been coming out in the last few years. sometimes i i want to just take my shears and chop off a chunk of my doll head's hair and say, "THERE!" and knowing the avant garde artists out there... they'd probably buy it. LOL

and as far as nails... nope. still don't like it. hahahahaha

but anyway, i'm simply saying that i've come this far. i need to continue to push myself to succeed. it will all be a struggle but it will also be worth it all in the end.


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