Saturday, November 12, 2011

Moist's Hemp Body Moisturizer "Acai Berry" Review

I'm sure some of you who shop at Sally's Beauty Supply or Cosmo Prof or any other beauty supply store has seen this brand of lotion from Moist called "Hemp". *insert marijuana jokes here. go ahead, I have. LOL* When I saw it, I was like, "oh cool, that's nice." Standard brush off.
Then one day, during Breast cancer Awareness Month, we started selling a pink Hemp lotion in my salon. Again I was like, "oh cool, that's nice." Then came that fateful day I needed some lotion. My hands had become way too dry from one too many shampoos. LOL. So I tried some lotion. It ended up smelling very nice and softened my hands very well.
That stayed in my mind when it was time for me to stock up on body lotion so on my next trip to Sally's I made my way to the body lotion aisle and perused their selection of Hemp lotions. I ended up choosing their Acai Berry lotion and I have to say I really like it.
The smell is more floral than fruity which I like since strong perfumey lotions give me headaches and the feel of my skin after working the lotion is soft and smooth. The lotion isn't very thick, or creamy which I like because I find the thicker lotions to be too greasy for me. The lotion does require you to work it into the skin for it to be completely absorbed but it doesn't take as long as it would if you were using a body cream or body butter.
Another nice thing about this lotion: It was less than $6 for 18 fluid ounces of product. The online prices are more expensive so I don't know if they've raised the prices since I bought mine in the actual store, but I still figure $8 a much better price than spending over $10 at Bath and Body or Victoria's Secret for 16 ounces.
Have you ever tried the Hemp products? If so, which one do you like?
*picture is mine. please do not steal*

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