Friday, November 11, 2011

Curlformers Review

(I've cut my hair since this review but I wanted to share it anyway.)

I saw these while shopping at Sally's Beauty Supply and I thought I'd give them a try. I usually don't like curling my hair that often because of all the heat damage and the time consumption, so I decided to try these out. They're called "Curlformers" and if you buy the kit you get a little hook that comes with it as opposed to buying it separately.
They're fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it and can be done fairly quickly. They're not the worst thing to sleep in either.
The price on the Sally's Beauty Supply webiste ( is $69.99, or $63.99 with a Sally's club card. In the kit you get two sets of medium sized curlers and set of short small curlers as well and even if you have A TON of hair, there will be more than enough curlers leftover.
The only thing I did not like about this product is that when I take the curlers out of my hair in the morning, the curls are so tight and springy that I feel more like Shirley Temple than 27 year old woman. But with some de-frizzing serum and a little bit of spray in conditioner, I'm able to tame and style it into a nice updo or side ponytail with lots of curls.
The curls hold well throughout the next day if you don't plan on washing them out right away and I had pretty "waterfall curls" after some of the springiness had fallen out.
My hair is coarse usually has a hard time maintaining a curl, but these worked rather well.
Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of my hair the day after but the two pictures I did take of my hair are from two days after using the Curlformers.
These are a great alternative to curling your hair without a curling iron or flat iron and I would suggest them to anyone who is looking for a healthier, less damaging way to curl their hair.
You can also buy Curlformers from I just happened to get mine from Sally's.
Hope you enjoyed this review!
 *pictures are mine. please do not steal. picture of model using Curlformers are from the Curlformers website where you can also buy pieces separately if needed.*

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