Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ichiban Joyas Handmade Jewelry Review

I'm part of a makeup group on Facebook called "Makeup For Everyone!" (link:, and everyday, wonderful and amazing women post their latest stashes/hauls/finds and and whatnot. One of the women in our group posted about her cousin who creates handmade jewelry, key chains and figurines.
After one particular necklace she made caught my eye, I decided to check out her page on
Her shop name is called "Ichiban Joyas", but the creator's name is Jenn Ramirez and she makes her pretties out of colored polymer clay, which after shaping she fires to harden and then adds a glaze to give it that lovely shine. Her collection ranges in styles from steampunk and gothic, to sparkly and pretty. When I found out she also makes custom jewelry, I decided to contact her via her Facebook page to see what she would charge for a custom cameo necklace.
After contacting her first, she made sure to email me right away and we got to talking about what I had in mind for my custom pendant. After several emails back and forth, relaying my idea to her and her grasping my concept very quickly, she worked on my piece and emailed me a picture of what she'd done within a couple days. (I'm a hair stylist with a little punk rock flair, so I wanted my piece to express my personality.) When I gave her the okay on our collaborative design, she fired and glazed it and sent me the link to purchase it. I bought my custom necklace for $22.50 including shipping. After buying it, I received my purchase within the next few days.
From initial contact to actually opening my package, it took about one week. Not bad turn over if you ask me.
I received my package in a padded yellow envelope, complete with invoice and my necklace came in a little box wrapped in tissue. Through correspondence, Jenn had asked whether I wanted to have my pendant on a 16" doubled up ribbon or 16" chain. I chose the chain but she graciously included the ribbon in my package.

I wore it to work the next day and received so many compliments and made sure to recommend Jenn and her treasures to all of my coworkers.

From correspondence, to execution, to delivery and actually seeing and holding my pendant necklace, I can say that I am extremely pleased and so happy with my purchase. She is definitely someone I would buy from again.
you can also contact her on her Facebook Page:

*pictures are my own. please do not steal*

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  1. I think that is an absolutely beautiful necklace and she did a great job !! thanks for the great review Chase, now I'm going to have to look at her shop lol