Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sugarpill Cosmetics Swatch/Review

I first heard of Sugarpill on YouTube while watching one of my favorite Makeup Gurus, Petrilude. He was reviewing a local (I live in California) cosmetics line called Sugarpill created by none other than Shrinkle herself (if you don't know who that is, check her out on eBay. She sells her clothing line as well as other cosmetics.) From the moment I saw Petrilude's swatches and the pretty boxes and packaging it came in, I knew I had to have this cosmetics line.

Now, I know there are tons of reviews out there singing it's praise as well as many beautiful swatch reviews... and this swatch/review will be no different.

So without further ado, here is my Swatch Review on Sugarpill Cosmetics.

The website from which you can order is www.Sugarpill.net. It's a melange of pink and black print with flashing images of pretty models wearing the pretty makeup. There are tabs near the top that help you navigate your way around the site. Of course upon the site loading, the first tab I click is "Shop". It brings me to a page where potted shadows and pigments are on display, bedazzling my senses with what I call Sparkle Overload.

Her line carries 9 pressed shadows, two eye shadow palettes that carry four eye shadows at a time, and 18 loose shadows. She also sells lashes and other fun stuff like stickers that you can put on your cosmetic boxes. Each shadow is sold for $12.oo each and each eye shadow palette is sold for $34 (which, as I said before, come with four shadows in them. If you got both palettes, you would get 8 out of the 9 pressed shadows and would essentially be buying 3 shadows and getting one free. I'll go over the palettes when I swatch). When you click on each shadow to view it, you can also see the information of ingredients and whether or not it is vegan.

So after staring at the website for several hours (yes, literally, hours) I finally chose several pieces to buy. I ended up buying both of the eye shadow palettes and four loose eye shadows. Shipping took the standard 3-7 days and I waited impatiently every single one of those days, LOL. When it finally did arrive, it came in a non-descript white box that had what is becoming Shrinkle's signature pretty kitty stamped on the outside. When I tore it open, it was wrapped in hot pink tissue paper and came with a hand-written note from Shrinkle herself, thanking you for your purchase. Awesome customer service if you ask me. It also came with a sample of one of her loose shadows, a Sugarpill logo sticker and two business cards with bomb looking models wearing the makeup. I haven't even bothered to throw them away. I keep them in my makeup train case, haha!

Now comes the fun part! PICTURES!!! These are the pieces I bought.

Pretty, huh? It's enough to make you want to keep the boxes. So of course, I immediately opened up each box to see the treasure inside and of course, did swatches. First up are the palettes.

(back of the box the palette came in)

(cover of each eye shadow palette with the outside box removed)

So as I said before, she sells two palettes that carry fours shadows each. They are called the "Sweetheart Palette" and the "Burning Heart Palette".

The boxes are made of heavy cardboard which seem durable (although I don't plan on tossing it around any time soon) and also have a full sized mirror inside.

The "Burning Hearts Palette" contains the four pressed shadows called Flamepoint, Buttercup, Love+ and Poison Plum.

The "Sweetheart Palette" contains another four pressed shadows and they are called Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori and Tako.

The only shadow not featured in these palettes is the pressed shadow Bulletproof, which is a matte black shadow. I didn't get that one as I already have several matte black shadows in my makeup kit.

I swatched them on my arm over Urban Decay Primer Potion, no base.

Flamepoint, Buttercake, Love+, Poison Plum

Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori, Tako

The colors went on very smoothly and I love the color pay off Love+, Poison Plum, Dollipop and Tako. Buttercup's color pay off impressed me as yellow tones that contain no shimmer don't really show up very well on my skin without a white base underneath. Flamepoint was also impressive but being a warmer tone, it is still something I would use with a white base in order to get a more truer shade without my skin tone contributing anymore warmth to it. Afterparty and Midori are beautiful colors as well and I love the coolness of each color, especially Afterparty. I do feel that I had to rub on a little more of Midori for it to show up on my skin, so again, it's another shadow I would use with a white base if I wanted to get a truer shade out of it.

The two that stood out to me most of the 8 shadows would Dollipop and Afterparty. I could definitely see an eye shadow combo using these colors.

Next are the loose shadows. Each loose shadow jar contains a net weight of 5 grams and for only $12.00 that's a huge amount of pretty sparklies that will get any Makeup Junkie addicted quick. The lids of the jars are twist on tops with the label printed on.

The loose shadows I picked out were:

Stella, Goldilux, Absinthe and Asylum

The jars come packed with loads of product and sparkles. I found myself "ooh"ing and "ah"ing over each jar that I opened. Shrinkle was surely not stingy with distributing her product.

First up, Stella:

Stella is a beautiful black based pigment with tons of sparkle that are almost chameleon like as they change in colors from blues and purples to greens and pinks. In the jar it is very pretty to look at, but this shadow is one that I would suggest be used wet. When applied dry, the shadow needs to be packed on which results in a lot of fall out. Also, when I attempted to brush it on, it only seemed to smudge the black base of the shadow and sweep off the sparkle. Something that I did find that helps with keeping the glitter on is using a duo-fiber crease brush.

Next, Goldilux:

There is so much to be said about this shadow. It is beautiful applied wet or dry. When applied dry, it creates a beautiful shine on the lid that is visible in any light. And when it's applied wet... all I can say is OMG!!!. It creates a dramatic, metallic sheen on the lids that is sure to catch anyone's attention. It stays its true color in either form and is almost too decadent to wear. Almost being the operative word....

Now for Absinthe:

The name itself made want to have this shadow. It is a beautiful metallic lime green shadow with a multifacetous glitter that changes in the light. The glitter color ranges from golden sparkle to pink and then green. This shadow can be used wet or dry but I prefer to use it wet so that it shows true on the skin.

Lastly, is Asylum:

This shadow is one that I actually had to wait to order because it was sold out. As soon as it came back into stock, I made sure to order it right away. When I first opened the jar, I thought that it looked a little darker, maybe more smokey, than the swatch that was shown on the website. This was definitely one that had to be swatched in order to see what color it would show on the skin. It is a pretty red brick color with lots of redglitter and one I cannot wait to use. I can already tell that this is something that I would use a lot during Halloween time.

These are the swatches on the skin.

(Dry/Wet over Urban Decay Primer Potion)

I see lots of sparklies in my future... ;-)

I know this has been a lengthy review, but I wanted to express my thoughts on a great line and let all of you know that it is truly worth the buy and wait. Thanks for sticking through the whole review and I hope that you enjoyed it.

Oh, and thanks, Shrinkle, for creating such a wonderful cosmetic line!


  1. This was a really good review. With butter cupcake, it's not just you, I have to pack on quite a bit of the yellow for it to show up as bright as I want it and I'm really pale lol. I wanted Stella and Asylum and now I'm sad I didn't get them when I made my last purchase. Red and black usually wash me out but now I really want to try them! I kept seeing Goldilux in tutorials so I ordered it and I use it as an accent a lot. Afterparty and Dollipop definitely are the boldest colors. Dollipop was my first purchase, so you can imagine I immediately was buying more sugarpill :) I own all the pressed shadows and I just realized I haven't tried Midori yet. I think I'll use it tomorrow! This was a really accurate review. Awesome job <3

  2. thank you so much, Lindsaybm! i'm glad you enjoyed my review! :-)