Friday, July 8, 2011

MAC Semi Precious Eye Shadow Review/Swatches

So MAC has a new line of mineral shadows out and for those of you who are MACjunkies like I, you know what I am talking about. They have come out with a line called "Semi Precious" and there are 12 shadows, 5 lipglosses, 4 skin finishes, 4 lipsticks, 3 blushes, 2 dual faced eyeshadow brushes, 1 face dual faced foundation brush, 1 dual faced kabuki brush and 1 mascara...

Whew, that's an extensive line! As much as I would have liked to own the entire collection, I focused on snagging three eyeshadows for myself. As beautiful as everything else was, I am pretty constant in the formula of foundation/primers/concealers/setting powders that I use. But being that I am a total eyeshadow junkie, I made sure to make my way to MAC and grab up the three I had been eyeing.

The line was released to the public in the States this past Thursday (7/5/11). I had actually gone to the MAC store on the Tuesday before release because I received an email from the MACpro site and the lovely ladies in the store (who now know me by face and name... o_O) were kind enough to let me go to the back room where they had the display set up so that I could peruse them and swatch them for myself.

The three that caught my eye were "Blue Sheen", "Unsurpassable", and "Hint of Sapphire"

Now, I've read and watched different reviews on the eyeshadows and many of them did not receive great marks. Maybe 4 out of the 12 were said to be considered worth buying. Though I totally respect the opinion of many of the Makeup Gurus on YouTube and Beauty Bloggers, I decided that this was something that I would have to decide for myself. I defintely take what others have said into consideration, but after swatching the shadows myself and liking what I saw, I decided to buy them when they were released. And also, because some of my friends wanted to see these shadows swatched as well, I decided to write out this review.

So these swatches were done wet and dry over Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Also please keep in mind that I am a darker skinned girl, so hopefully this will help all you girls (and boys) with a more golden-brown skin tone decide whether you'd like to invest in these shadows.

(from left to right: Hint of Sapphire, Blue Sheen and Unsurpassable)

First up, Unsurpassable. In it's pan, it's mix of greens, blues, pinks and sparkles galore. When it is swatched on the skin it totally changes the shade that would be expected if it were to be taken at face value. I personally like the sheer and sparkly effect that it gives on the skin. It gives that perfect wash of color that I would associate with a fairy or princess. (I know, I'm a romantic. lol.)

Dry, you can see more of the mixture of green and blues, giving it almost a jade-like appearance with small flecks of pink.

Wet, the pink seems to make more of an appearance almost canceling out the green. It becomes an indescribable neutral-like color but the sparkle is still there.

I personally like the shadow when it's applied dry.

Then there is Blue Sheen. It is a deep, royal blue with flecks of pink in it that I feel are very nice in contrast to each other. However, wet or dry, the color pay off looks the same to me. The wet swatch is only a tiny bit more intense than the dry swatch but I do think one way or the other, it would be beautiful to wear in either form.

Now for Hint of Sapphire. When swatched dry, it's another shadow that seems packed full of greens and blues and pinks, although in the pan it is more blue than green as opposed to Unsurpassable. It also shows up somewhat sheer but again, I like that and it's something I was looking for anyway. It swatches more blue on the skin with little hints of green and pink sparkles.

When swatched wet, the blue seems to come out more, over powering the green in it almost.

I think this is one shadow I would also prefer to wear dry.

Some things that I like about these shadows is that they're definitely attractive to look at in the pan and on the skin. I feel that these are something worth investing in. They are also multi-faceted. They change in appearance slightly. Unsurpassable and Hint of Sapphire show up one color on the skin until you view them from a different angle, as well as whether they are seen in artificial or natural light. Blue Sheen seems pretty constant although when applied wet, the deep blue over powers a lot of the pink sparkle that is embedded in it.

As for the other shadows, while they were definitely nice to look at, I am a picky buyer. Something has to really catch my eye for me to really want it (and that is after talking to the MACgirls, reading and listening to reviews and doing my own personal swatches.)

They can be bought for $20.00 at any store that sells MAC. I hope that this eyeshadow swatch review was helpful to you all!

Thanks for reading!!!

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