Saturday, January 7, 2012

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation Review

Foundation; the hardest and yet sometimes the most essential part of a woman (or man's) makeup regimen. First you have to find the right formula that will work with your face, then right shade, then the right tone. Do you go high end or buy from a drug store? Will it make you look too ashy or too orange? Does it provide enough coverage? And just when you think you've found THE ONE... your skin goes and changes on you. And then you're on that search for the perfect foundation... again.

Such is the plight for me. I used to wear MAC's Studio Fix Foundation with SPF in NC40 and for awhile, it worked really well. It gave me the coverage I needed and almost flawless when I applied it with a duo fiber brush. I've worn this brand and shade for almost five years. I'd found the one!
And then I turned 28 and all of sudden my skin changed. AGAIN! *sigh* The foundation I'd been wearing was no longer working for me. It felt too heavy and began to cause a lot of break outs on my skin.
So off I went in search of another foundation. I was in my local Macy's and I stopped by the Urban Decay counter to check out some eye shadows and what not. I wasn't really going to buy foundation since I was on my last leg of MAC NC40 foundation anyway. And then a really perky and bright eyed UD Girl got a hold of me and we began talking about what I was looking for. She asked me about my skin type and after I told her, she suggested the Surreal Skin Cream-to-Powder Foundation which is good for normal to oily skin. She applied the foundation to my skin and at first I was kinda *meh* about it. But I figured it was just the lighting. I bought it though and even then I felt like kicking myself in the butt for being talked into buying it. But I took it home and set in on my dresser and left it there for a few days.
And then Christmas day came and I was out of my MAC foundation. I glanced at the little purple compact on my dresser and decided "now or never" when it came to the foundation. I remember thinking about how I really hoped it worked because honestly, who likes to buy ANYTHING and find out it's a dud. Money's lost, we lose, the company wins, etc.

I checked out the little brush that came in it and thought it was pretty funny looking but I did like the way it felt on my fingers. I applied it on and it felt...
It literally felt like I was applying silk on my face and it gave me the coverage I wanted plus blended easily. I didn't have to layer it on like I do my MAC foundation and it doesn't make me feel like it clogs my pores. I don't know if there are any luminizers in the foundation itself, because there is a little bit of shine but not something that would make me not want to buy it again. I just used my Make Up Forever HD Powder to matte it down if necessary.
The staying power is great too! I wore it for over 12 hours Christmas day and it looked just as good as when I first applied it! I didn't have to touch it up at all during the day.
I can't say there are any cons about this product for me. I love the way it looks, the way it feels, even the little brush that comes with it because it applies the foundation so well for me. I have read other reviews and found that it doesn't do well with dry skin, but it could be a case by case kind of thing.
I am so extremely pleased that I took a chance on this foundation and ended up really liking it! It retails $34 on the Urban Decay's website and at Macy's where I bought it from their counter.
What's your favorite product from Urban Decay?
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