Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Looking Good at Discount Prices

*sigh* shopping.

my favorite past time. and in all honesty, it's WAAAAAAAAYY too long since I've indulged in my favorite past time. let's face it, times are hard, and they only seem to be getting harder. there was a time when we were able to go on mini to large shopping sprees, but these days...

luckily for those of us in need of retail therapy, there are plenty of thrift/consignment/discount shops/outlets/stores. i call shopping sprees in these stores "indoor scavenger hunts". LOL. Ross, Marshall's and TJ Maxx are few of these stores. Even going to your local secondhand store like Goodwill can lead to unknown and unclaimed goodies. need new shoes? Payless. BoGo's are AWESOME!!! These are several stores that most people know about. but what if you can't make it out to these stores?

Not to worry. I called upon the lovely ladies in my "Special Interest" (ok, makeup... duh! lol) groups to give me some websites from which they acquire their lovely sparklies as well as apparrel and accesories. and so i am passing it on to you. consider this a resource for "Online Thrift Store Shopping."

Make Up (you know this one had to go first.)

now, for many women that I know, make up is a big deal. most men will never, NEVER, NEVER understand our total obsession/infatuation with the wonderful thing that is MAKEUP. (if i could make the word sparkle, i would!) but let's face it, it gets expensive. but, as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for." thankfully, there are several websites you can go to that sell brand name makeup at wholesale or discount prices. Thank God for that!

Wholesale/Discount Makeup Websites

Do-It-Yourself Mineral Make Up/Bath Products

other affordable make sites

Makeup Brushes

Swaps and Sample Sites

also, don't discount shopping on online auction sites such as Ebay and Amazon. http://www.etsy.com/ is also a great place to look for cosmetics as well as handmade items, purses, bath bombs, jewelry, etc. these are great one-stop-shops!


so you may not be a makeup whore like i am, but hey, even a makeup whore needs new clothes! i've checked out some of these sites and it makes me wish i could go shopping even more. (alas, to live on a student budget. LOL) but even so, i share them with you.


there's something about a new purse or handbag that makes a woman squeal with joy. but sometimes, that new item (especially that new purse) can rip your pocket in half. these are some sites worth looking into for your shoe fetish or handbag fix

another tip for you, sign up for newsletters from your favorite makeup/shoe/apparel sites. a lot of times they'll send you email notifications alerting you of new sales or products. many even offer discount/coupons for shopping.

well, that's all i got. but if you know any, drop me a line in my comment boxes. lets share the happiness that is retail consumption.


(note* though i am providing these websites for shopping purpose, I am not in any way advocating or encouraging you to blow all your hard earned cash on these sites to the point that your family might suffer. please use caution when going on shopping binges and remember what is most important be it your family, house, car, dog, whatever. now with that said... browse away.)

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